We Can Help Make Life’s Biggest Changes Far EASIER For You!

As a solutions team of experienced professionals, we can help you at every step along the way.

Let Us Guide You Through This Difficult Time

 Handling the affairs of a loved one’s estate can be difficult, stressful, frustrating, and emotional. It will take a lot of energy to plan, organize, schedule, coordinate and manage the process from start to finish. Conflicts come up, mistakes are possible, and relationships between family members get strained.

Our Lancaster Estate Solutions team will make sure that you have a clear strategy in hand and can guide you through the process. We will also help you with some of the difficult conversations you may have to have with family members and other heirs & beneficiaries. If you haven’t yet secured the services of a competent probate/elder-law/estate planning attorney, we will help you choose one whose good work we know and are comfortable recommending.

We’ll help you at every step along the way and do everything possible to steer you clear of the common pitfalls and delays. Of course, you’ll still have to make some interesting choices, but having us as a partner by your side makes the task significantly less intimidating.

Work With Experts In Estate Sales 
& Downsizing

You may think that selling a house is just selling a house. What’s the difference between normally selling a house and selling one in probate? A lot actually. And there are plenty of deadlines and bottle necks that can really make the experience a nightmare if you don’t know how to navigate them. We have over 50 years experience in dealing with these specific situations. We know how to minimize the hassles and keep things moving.

We’ve Been In Your Shoes & We Know the Struggle

We’re not just experienced real estate agents. We’ve personally experienced the pain and stress caused from going through the probate process to sell a home. We’ve been there for the family arguments and had the heated debates.

We know what it’s like when relationships get strained and when some of them get pushed beyond repair and we don’t want anyone else to have to experience that.

How We’ve Helped Other Probate Executors


You Deserve to Worry About One Less Thing

Between juggling the affairs of an estate as the executor, trying to manage relationships, AND keep maintaining your normal personal life in tact, it can get overwhelming quickly. Let us work with you to take some things off your plate and leave you with less things to worry about.

Do You Need Help But You’re Not Ready to Call?

I get it. There’s a lot to think about and a lot going on and you may not feel ready to give me a call. That’s ok. But if you still feel like you want some help here are a few resources you can take right now to help you through the executor & probate process.

Leveraging The Latest Technologies

We’re firm believers in the ability for new technology to help in real estate. That’s why we’re one of the FIRST real estate agents in the country to utilize virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) when working with our clients to sell their homes.