A Professional Solutions Team

Makes Handling an Estate Easier Than Doing it Alone!

Offering your family a full-service team approach to handling the physical aspects of an estate.

  • Settle Estates
  • Senior Transitions
  • Downsizing
  • and more…

We Give You Options When Dealing With Life’s Biggest Changes

Our single focus is helping families overcome obstacles when dealing with the physical aspects of the estate. Let our network of experts take the wheel and deliver you results based on your goals & timeline.



Strategy Session

Discuss Your Needs, Concerns, & Goals


Plan Solutions

Develop Strategy and Choose the Best Fit Option


Schedule “Solutions Team”

Finalize the Time Plan & Set the Calendar for the Team


Make It Happen!

Our Team Handles the Heavy Lifting and Carries Out the Plan


Deliver Results

Real Estate and Personal Property Handled, All Moves Completed.

You Deserve to Worry About One Less Thing

Life’s biggest changes are typically a concern for the whole family. Whether or not the time to make a move is right now or some time in the future, your strategy, planning & coordination are important. It can get overwhelming organizing all of the details… we can help!

Ways We Can Help…

Personal Property Organization

Going through personal belongings and determining what stays and what goes can be a tedious process that requires a lot of energy. Our pro’s can help determine what is valuable, what’s best for donation, and what items are to be discarded.

Home Clean Out & Clean Up

Once organized, we can help remove the junk and unwanted items, deliver to donation centers and clean up the space afterwards. Leave the heavy lifting and hauling to us!

Storage Services & Property Liquidation

When making big moves, there comes a time when a temporary storage solution is necessary. We have you covered!

Selling the personal property of value can help lighten your load. Our experts will help you maximize your return through multiple options.  

Home Repair & Renovation

If you’re selling the real estate on the retail market, typically there are some repairs needed on a house to prepare it for sale.  From minor fix-ups to heavy renovations, our construction teams are up to the task to deliver quality, on-time work at a fair price. 

Home Sale & Brokerage

Once the decision to make a move has been made, you’ll want to find the best selling option for the real estate to help you achieve your goals. We are powered by the local eXp Realty branch and can provide you with up to 8 different options.

From a fair, fast, all cash offer to maximizing your opportunity on the retail market… our team has the experience to customize a specific solution tailored to your goals.

Space Planning & Moving

If you know where you’re moving to, and you know what you want to take with you, you’ll want to plan the layout of your new home. We’ll help you confirm that your belongings will fit in an optimized way. 

Moving is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Our moving teams can pack for you, load, and setup your new home according to the layout planning to make it quick and easy.

Professional Referral Services

Please make no mistake, we aren’t attorneys, certified financial planners, or tax professionals… but we have some of the best in the area available to assist you as referral partners.

We believe in making informed decisions to help you choose the best options. Our extended team is committed to work together to help you get to where you want to go. 

Concierge - Level Services

Connecting all of the dots can be overwhelming to make sure all of the details and moving parts are coordinated and working together.

Personalized service provides peace of mind knowing that we can carry out the necessary tasks to lighten your load.

Strategize Your Best Course of Action

Get your free consultation and sit down with our experts who will help you get a handle on your situation and come up with a no-obligation strategy of what needs done, deadlines for actions, and recommendations for outside help that make the most sense for you.

Concierge Service

Easy Consultations

Manage Obstacles

Free Resources

Know You Have Support When Things Change

We know things happen. Things come up, people change their mind, obstacles get in the way, etc. That’s why having our experts on your side to help manage situations when they change unexpectedly is so critical. Don’t let them spiral out of control.

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DISCLOSURE: We are NOT attorneys, certified financial planners, or licensed tax professionals… members of our leadership team ARE licensed real estate professionals with eXp Realty in Lancaster, PA. Our Solutions Team is a collaboration of local businesses experienced in delivering results.